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Horoscope matching is the most exposed and popular section of Indian astrology. For a happy and prosperous life Janam kundli (Indian Horoscope) of the prospective bride and groom are matched and is popularly known as astakoot Milan.

Horoscope matching compatibility for health of the prospective couples after marriage is known as nadi vichar and is given prime impotence in marriage matching. Nadi Matching is assigned with 8 points.

Love horoscope match of mindset the boy and the girl is known as Bhakoot. It measures mental compatibility and is assigned with 7 points.

In Indian astrology human being are divided in to three types of Gana; i.e, Rajsik (Loves and power authority) , tamasik (loves carnal pleasure) and Satvikis (Spiritually gifted person). Love marriage match of the inherent nature is measured by analyzing the Gana of the boy and the girl and it carries 6 points.

How will be the behavior of the boy and the girl in the relationship is measured by grahamaitri. Behavior towards each other is very important to sustain and nurture the relationship. In horoscope matching analysis graha maƮtri is assigned with 5 points.,

In Indian astrology matchmaking; human beings are considered as advanced form of animals. Till date they carry the traits of the animal. By nature and requirement certain pair animals can have better relationship than other pair. Love horoscope match of their inherent traits are measured by yoni compatibility and it carries 4 points.

What sorts of fortune the boy and the girl are likely to attract after the marriage; is measured by tara compatibility, which is assigned with 3 points.

The cooperation & control in the marriage matching is measured by compatibility of yoni and it carries 2 points.

Varna measures the capability to undertake various responsibilities. Inferiority and superiority complex of the boy and the girl can disturb the marriage. Varna marriage matching between the boy and the girl is done to avoid such feelings and carries 1 point.

Guna Milap
Guna is matched for Varna,Vasya,Tara,Yoni,Grah Maitri,Gana,Bhakoot & Nadi. But Vedic astrology has got wider application than just Guna Milap

Match Making

Marriage Time
The timing of marriage is influenced by Dasa and transit of planets. Dasa of the lords of the primary and secondary houses of marriage, Karaks & Rahu promote marriage

Marriage Timing

Late Marriage
If primary and secondary karaks of marriage are afflicted then it may cause delay in marriage.

Late Marriage

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