Kundali Matching Importance

Matching Horoscope before marriage is an integral part of a Indian marriage. Normally the compatibility is checked even before the boy and the girl get to meet each other. The horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched on the following 8 counts adding to a total of 36 points. 

Varna  – 1 Point, Vasya -2 Point, Tara -3 Points, Yoni – 4 Points, Grah Maitri -5 Points, Gana – 6 Points
Bhakoot – 7 Points, Nadi – 8 Points

Why The Horoscopes Are Matched ?

Horoscope indicates nature, preferences, skills and behavior of the native. Horoscope matching of a prospective bride & groom is done to ensure their compatibility. Once they get married, their horoscopes also have a combined impact on their future and lifestyle for the rest of their life.

What should be Assessed

  • Longevity & Mental Compatibility
  • Health & Financial Stability
  • Longevity of Relationship

There should not be any major difference of longevity between the boy and the girl.  They should be mentally compatible and their attitude & behavior should promote the institution of marriage.

For a decent marital life sound health and good finance is must. If the natal chart indicates any major mishaps then precautions are taken to ward off the evils.

The horoscope is analyzed to find any major issue affecting the longevity of the relationship.

What minimum conditions should be judged from the Horoscope

The condition of ascendant and ascendant lord (of both D-1 & D-9 charts) of both the natives are assessed to judge the ability overcome challenges.

The condition of 7th house and 7th lord (of both D-1 & D-9 charts) of both the native are assessed to know the intensity in which they will  promote this relationship.

The condition of Venus (of both D-1 & D-9 charts) should be assessed to know the quality of married life.

The condition of 12th house of both the charts should be assessed to know the quality of bed pleasure they may enjoy.

The condition of moon both the charts should be assessed to know their mental compatibility

Dasa( Planetary Period )  is assessed to find; the life after marriage.

Yoga or planetary combination is assessed to know any major yoga that may affect or shape the relationship.